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How to Get Started with CockroachDB

In this webinar you'll learn how to get started with CockroachDB. The first step (surprise!) is to install CockroachDB on your laptop. The best resource for that is here: The preliminary steps are essentially as follows: 1. Install Homebrew. 2. Instruct Homebrew to install CockroachDB: 3. Download the Binary 4. Download the CockroachDB archive for OS X, and extract the binary: 5. Copy the binary into your PATH so you can execute cockroach commands from any shell. (If you get a permissions error, prefix the command with sudo.) There are useful tutorials in our docs for starting a local cluster from Binary, in Kubernetes, or in Docker: Binary: Kubernetes: Docker: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Careers: CockroachCloud: CockroachDB: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: