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Migration Guide: Migrating from Oracle to CockroachDB

Migrations are difficult. This detailed guide will make it easier to plan and execute a migration from Oracle to CockroachDB.

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What many Oracle customers are finding is that they stand to benefit a great deal from distributed SQL database technology such as CockroachDB. Distributed and replicated OLTP, multi-datacenter/region deployments, and multi-active read/write support give developers a better set of tools to architect a database that can meet high customer expectations and leverage the flexibility of the cloud. 

This guide will outline the process for migrating from Oracle to CockroachDB. You should read this guide if your database needs include heavy read/write workloads that also require resilience, reliability and low latency (even across broad geographies). Typical workloads that run on CockroachDB include OLTP, Transactional, System of Record (SOR) and System of Access (SOA).