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Database Migration Guide: Oracle to CockroachDB

Every database migration conversation should begin with an acknowledgment of the challenge that migration represents. No ‘migration guide’ is a magic carpet to carry your data and applications from a traditional database to a cloud-native database. That being said, the challenge of migration is less daunting with a comprehensive guide to steer you.

If you’re using Oracle and you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve experienced the limitations of legacy database technology and are planning to use a cloud-native database that will take advantage of the reduced complexity and ease of scale in the cloud.

This guide is intended to help you scope out and execute a migration from Oracle to CockroachDB. We hope that you find it to be a helpful tool. If you read the guide and find that you need additional support please don’t hesitate to contact us via

Here is an outline of the migration steps that you’ll find in the guide:

  1. Extract Schema(s)
  • Tables, views, sequences, indexes, constraints
  • Users, privileges, groups and roles
  • Refactor the Schema to Cockroach dialect
  1. Evaluated database embedded code
  • Stored Procedures, Jobs, and Triggers aren’t supported by CRDB
  • CRDB doesn’t support PLSQL
  • Must rewrite application to support outside of the database
  1. Extract Data using bulk or conventional methods
  2. Load Schema and Data either through bulk or replication methods
  3. Refactor Application SQL

Ready to get started. Download the Oracle to CockroachDB migration guide today.

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