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[ep 1] The Cockroach Hour: Kubernetes, StatefulSets & Databases

In our first episode of The Cockroach Hour, Jim Walker (Cockroach Labs, CoreOS) and Keith McClellan (Cockroach Labs, DataStax, Mesosphere) talk through some of the challenges of running a database in Kubernetes; operators and databases; the problem with casual consistency.

This episode includes:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 4:51 The difference between Mesosphere and Kubernetes
  • 13:27 How storage works in Kubernetes
  • 14:30 Persistent volumes in Kubernetes
  • 17:40 If a pod fails when does garbage collection happen in Kubernetes?
  • 18:40 Mount Storage vs Local Storage in Kubernetes
  • 20:20 What is a StatefulSet in Kubernetes?
  • 23:29 The difference between a Daemonset and a StatefulSet
  • 25:35 Can you use daemonsets with CockroachDB
  • 28:07 What developers need to know about statefulsets
  • 32:05 What is a kubernetes operator