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Kubernetes Native Databases

There are only a few databases that can truly call themselves Kubernetes native databases. In this video you'll learn exactly what properties make a database compatible with Kubernetes. You'll also learn which databases are and are not compatible with Kubernetes (spoiler alert: Legacy DB's are not). The four properties of Kubernetes Native databases are known as D.A.S.H.: • Disposability • API Symmetry • Shared-Nothing • Horizontal Scaling 00:00 Introductions 00:09 What is Kubernetes? 00:39 What is disposability in databases? 00:58 Why is disposability important in Kubernetes? 1:41 What is API Symmetry? 2:56 What is Shared-Nothing? 4:18 What is Horizontal Scaling? 5:44 What are the properties of a kubernetes-native database? A blog that explains the same principals expressed in this video can be found at: CockroachDB Performance on Kubernetes: Orchestrate CockroachDB in a Single Kubernetes Cluster: Orchestrate CockroachDB Across Multiple Kubernetes Clusters: ---------- Careers: CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: