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Streaming Video Platform Migrates from PostgreSQL to CockroachDB for Multi-Cloud & Multi-Region Database

Streaming video platform MUX migrated from PostgreSQL to CockroachDB for a multi-cloud, multi-region deployment to provide low latency to their users.

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Mux originally built the Mux Data service on a mix of PostgreSQL and other open source databases. While this worked for the analytics platform, the biggest drivers behind the Mux Video platform are the promise of being multi-region and multi-cloud, as well as providing high availability — critical capabilities that their current databases could not provide. With platforms like Netflix having set the uptime standard for streaming video, avoiding database downtime was a must.

Mux Database Challenges:

  • High availability for maximum uptime.
  • Support for running in multiple regions to provide fast delivery to distributed customers.
  • The freedom to use multiple cloud services to avoid vendor lock-in on any particular cloud.