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How Heroic Labs Builds Scalable Backend Architecture for Gaming

Learn how Heroic Labs, the makers of Nakama (one of the most popular game servers in the world) has built a scalable backend architecture with CockroachDB. Their platform is entirely built on the open source version of CockroachDB. They have over 200k developers using the game server and the architecture has been touched by over 150 million game players. 00:00 Introduction to the livestream 2:04 Who is Chris Molozian? 2:56 Who is Tom Glenn? 5:58 Why Heroic Labs switched to Open Source 13:27 How many users/customers does Heroic Labs have? The conversation covers gaming-specific architectural insights. We’ll be sure to cover: • How to scale games for millions of players • How Heroic Labs built fault-tolerant distributed architecture • Why Heroic Labs decided to build on CockroachDB #Nakama #HeroicLabs #CockroachDB #OSS